Bitbucket enterprise way - permission model

Posted on Mon 20 January 2020 in Bitbucket

How to setup permission model? As we have discussed connection setup and configuration another important topic to discuss is Permission model.

By Atlassian design Bitbucket has: Application access, Projects and Repositories. Branch permissions are most often too granular to be covered by IT/general setup.

Global permissions

Does your company uses open model?

  • All developers can move between projects and repositories
  • stash-users - can be enough as it will give permission to application + it can be configured on project level to grant read/write access

Do you have some projects to be hidden?

  • Global permissions - stash-users will provide app access
  • Project permission - selectively user access can be granted for those “to be limited”

Do you have most projects to be segregated?

  • They will provide user access only after user will be added to PROJKEY_Read/Write/Admin group.
  • All projects will have group based access Read/Write/Admin
  • User access can be agreed to not to be given
  • Enabling public access can be removed via admin / file (create the file if it does not exist)