Jira - LDAP filter and domain groups configuration

Posted on Tue 24 January 2023 in Jira

Note I'm reffereing to Jira but those configuratoins can be used with Confluence or Bitbucket.

Note 2 This concept is relying on users being managed via Active Directory or LDAP

Jira administration has many aspects and points which can be tuned. One of those is how jira is connected to …

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Jira - Watched issues as reason for mail flood

Posted on Thu 28 May 2020 in Jira

Tired with Jira mail flood? Or maybe your Outlook rules are working seamlessly enough to not to disturb you with notifications?

As Jira administrator I can rant some while on Jira features as well as users forcing their ideas to spam others.

As jira by default makes you watcher of …

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